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You’ve piqued my interest
Powder Haven

What mountain 
living is meant to be. 

Just one hour from SLC

With few lands left undiscovered…

An exploration of the alternative has always drawn people to Powder. It attracts a type of maverick who enjoys taking control of their own destiny, is driven by discovery, and finds inspiration through a community of self-reliant and adventurous individuals. Those who seek are often rewarded with a profound experience of wonder.

Powder Haven is home to those more interested in skiing than a scene. We have a deep sense of curiosity, an appreciation of luxury defined by ample time and space, and a palate for more ruggedly fun pursuits.

If this sounds like you, drop us a line.

Powder Haven

Limitless Discovery,
Wild Spaces

As we build a community from the ground up, we invite those who care deeply about the mountain and their time spent here to usher in its next chapter.

Your contribution supports the stewardship of wild spaces, local traditions, and meaningful community. You become a patron of the land, our future public outdoor art museum, and our beloved ski resort with its rich history and culture. You ensure the wonder of the mountain is preserved for generations to come.